Why do Women Love To Travel More Than Men?

By D. Jaiswal, on Dec 08, 2022

Statistics show that women are more adept at traveling than men.

The typical U.S. traveler is a 47-year-old female. It does not matter if they travel with their partners, families, or friends alone or with the rest of the group.

Women account for about 80 percent of decisions regarding travel.

The women are often shocked by the idea of traveling. They seem to like more than men.

Women also like spending time with friends and shopping for local goods more frequently than males.

Within the U.S., women dominate leisure travel, averaging 63 to 37% of the population over males.

Around the globe, it is the same gender-based pattern and age, with 64% of all travelers female and 36% male travelers.

The ratio of males and females is slightly higher in this area in the U.S., but hardly enough to explain the disparity.