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Travel To Argentina: International Travel Information

Argentina is a large and extended country located in the southern region of South America. Nearby countries comprise Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile. The country’s eastern part has an uninterrupted South Atlantic coastline.

The name Argentina originates from the Latin “Argentum”, which means silver. Spanish explorations aimed to find silver when they explored Argentina during the 16th century. Argentina’s official language is Spanish, which is spoken in an indigenous dialect that differs from those expressed in Spain and other parts of Central America. Argentines communicate with each other in Spanish by using a dialect of the street known as “lunfardo’.

A majority are Roman Catholic. In 1914, six million people resided in the country, most of them being European immigrants. The country of immense size, the eighth-largest in the world, covers an array of terrains, including vast plains, deserts, mountains and miles upon miles of unbroken coastline. The southern parts of the country stretch into areas of Antarctica.

The country’s economy is mainly driven by agriculture, namely livestock and cereals, which flourish in the lush grasslands or the Pampas. Beyond the beautiful nature of The Pampas and the stark beauty of Patagonia and the cityscape in Buenos Aires beckons. A city filled with architectural wonders and lively nightlife, any trip to Argentina is a must. It would help if you planned some time to explore the city.

This meticulously written travel guide will help ease your planning for an Argentinian vacation and inspire you to prepare for a future visit to Argentina. If you’re searching for an itinerary to Argentina, We recommend looking at the tours offered by Contiki, G Adventures and Intrepid Travel.

The requirements for obtaining a visa are different in Argentina.

If the primary reason to visit Argentina is for tourism, citizens of the listed countries are not required to obtain an entry visa.

Argentina is now applying reciprocity fees to citizens of Australia that are precisely the same amount as fees paid by an Argentinian tourist who wants to travel to Australia.

Residents from India and Morocco require a visa for Argentina in their home country before travelling. However, the visa is granted for free.

Check the latest guidelines, including the requirements for obtaining a visa for your country and how to get an Argentinian visa before travelling to Argentina.

Important Cultural Information

The kissing of the cheek is a typical greeting between women and men. Lips don’t touch the cheek, but kissing is heard when cheeks meet. Find out more about greeting the people of South American culture.

Argentinians have a very laid-back attitude towards respecting the time and staying on time for meetings. If you’re invited to someone’s home for a celebration at 9 pm, It is normal to show up an hour or so after the scheduled time.

Similar to public transportation for short distances, it is only sometimes in time, so be aware of these delays when planning your travel.

Avoid talking about sensitive issues in conversations with people from Argentinian people. This includes discussions on topics like the Falkland War, the Peron years, politics, comparisons with other countries worldwide, etc.

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Don’t wear football jerseys that are a rival since football is a highly personal issue in Argentina.

Banking & Money in Argentina

In Argentina, the currency is Argentina is called the peso (ARS), which has been divided into centavos. Coin denominations are 5,10, 25, 50 centavos and one and two pesos. Banknotes can be found in 2 five 10, 20-50, 100, 500, and 100 peso denominations. ARS500 and ARS200, 100, and ARS50 banknotes feature separate metallic threads that run through them. This can assist in helping keep counterfeit notes out of circulation.

The USD is the currency of reference for Argentina. It is also the most easily exchangeable currency and offers favourable exchange rates.

Using credit cards for purchases or cash withdrawals in Argentina is not recommended because the exchange rates are meagre.

The central banking institutions located that are located in Argentina are the Central Bank of Argentina, Citibank Argentina, HSBC Bank Argentina, Bank of the City of Buenos Aires, Banco Credicoop, Banco de la Nacion Argentina, Banco Patagonia and more.

Medical Emergency Information

A few Emergency numbers to have on in case you travel to Argentina include:

107 for immediate medical assistance

100 for quick Fire Related Help

(011) 4346-5748/ 0800 999-5000 for Tourist Police

101 Argentine Police Department

911 to call the police (Fire or Medical Emergency) in Buenos Aires

The primary health facilities located in Buenos Aires include:

British Hospital

Italian Hospital

Sanatorio Otamendi

Sociedad Espanola de Beneficencia Hospital Espanol

Hospital Naval

Hospital de Ninos

Having the right travel insurance for Argentina is essential before your trip. Check out the options available with WorldNomads along with SafetyWing.

Internet and Wi-Fi Internet in Argentina

Cyber cafes are everywhere in Argentina, and it’s simple to access a computer and pay for use per hour.

Additionally, many cafes and restaurants have Wi-Fi available in their establishments. When you purchase a cup of coffee or food item, you will receive the Internet use password. Be sure to set up a VPN before using public Wi-Fi sites. Find out more information about why you should utilize VPNs VPN while travelling.

If you have an unlocked phone, you can buy a SIM card with internet connectivity. The phones can then be utilized as WI-Fi hotspots to connect computers and other devices.

The major mobile phone companies are Movistar, Claro and Personal. Customer service offices are available in every major city. Bring your mobile phone that is unlocked there to purchase the SIM card. The customer service representative will offer the card, insert it into your phone, and make it a registered card under your name with your passport number. They will give you an Argentinian number.

The phone is then filled with credits that can be purchased from the ‘Locuritorio’ or shopfront business. Prepaid SIM cards can be used for texting and voice. To use a data SIM card, a contract has to be executed.

Arrival in Argentina

Ministry Pistarini International Airport or Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) is the principal gateway to Argentina via plane. The airport is 22 kilometres from the southwest side of Buenos Aires. The Argentina airport handles around 85% of the nation’s international air traffic. Major airlines operating at the airport are Aerolineas Argentinas and LATAM Argentina. Ezeiza has connections to cities across South America, North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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Additional airports within Argentina serving as international hubs are Mendoza, Rosario and Cordoba, with airlines like LATAM, Gol, Azul Brazilian Airlines and Copa Airlines flying in from different South American destinations.

Find airfares towards Argentina via Expedia.

Long-distance buses travel to Argentina from most neighbouring countries like Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia. Retiro Bus Station in Buenos Aires is the primary bus station.

Ferry services operate in Uruguay (Carmelo and Nueva Palmira) and Argentina (Tigre).

Areas of Argentina

These are the central provinces in Argentina, Argentina’s attractions and several major cities, such as Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Rosario and Cordoba. There are numerous destinations to explore in Argentina.

Andean Northwest

Key Places: Catamarca, La Rioja, Jujuy, Tucuman


Key Places: Chaco, Formosa, Santiago del Estero


Key Places: Mendoza, San Juan, San Luis


Key Places: Corrientes, Entre Rios, Misiones


Key Places: Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Santa Fe, La Pampa


Principal Places: Chubut, Rio Negro, Santa Cruz, Neuquen

Tierra del Fuego

Key Places: Martial Mountains, Cerro Caster, Escondido Lake, Laguna Esmeralda

Transportation in Argentina

The most popular ways of travel around Argentina include air travel as well as bus travel. Although bus travel can take an extended time, it is also very comfortable and often equipped with sleep facilities. However, bus tickets are costly. Argentina is home to both short and long-distance bus routes. Travel by bus between city centres is commonplace.

It is said that in Buenos Aires city buses are known as colectivos. The principal bus terminal within Buenos Aires is the Terminal de Omnibus of Retiro.

Incompleteness in the process implies that air travel can be expensive as well. For instance, a Buenos Aires to Patagonia bus ticket is priced at USD 300. Aerolineas, Argentinas and LATAM are the most popular domestic airlines. The cost of flights for non-Argentinians is highly overpriced. Andes, along with Avianca Argentina, are two other airlines.

LADE (Lineas Aereas of Estado) is a relatively cheap budget airline that generally flies to smaller cities and the southern part of Buenos Aires.

Train travel costs less, but the routes are a bit more selective. Trains, as well as LADE, are subsidized by the Government. Buenos Aires plies trains to Tucuman, Cordoba, Rosario, Bahia Blanca and Mar de Plata. A limited number of services are offered from Viedma as well as Bariloche.

Car rental is readily available across Argentina but can be costly. But, it is a way to explore off-the-beaten-track locations.

Accommodations in Argentina

An array of lodging options is offered in Argentina, including five-star hotels, Bed and breakfasts, hostels and boutique hotels, and local farmsteads (estancias). L lodges, cabins, or cabins are also offered to rent out on short-term weekends.

The regions with a vast number of tourists include Buenos Aires and Patagonia. There’s a broader selection of accommodations available here.

There are several high-end choices if you’re searching for the best place to be in Buenos Aires. Five-star hotels within Argentina include Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires, Palacio Duhau-Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, Arakur Ushuaia Resort and Spa, Gran Melia Iguazu and Alvear Palace Hotel in Buenos Aires.

The majority of towns offer hotels of some type. If you’re on a tight budget, choose a hostel with private rooms and dormitories. HostelWorld has several independent hostels located in Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Salta.

Other accommodations that are budget-friendly include residential and hospedajes. The furniture is essential but is often cosy and clean. Hospedajes are usually an element of a home with a family.

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In the middle of the spectrum are breakfasts, posadas and Bed and breakfasts. The term “posada” loosely refers to hotels with rustic charm that are cosy. Hosterias are establishments that have more expensive and designed for professionals in the business.

Estancias provide a different method of sleeping compared to traditional hotels. They typically have guests staying in the farmhouse area of the ranch, which a family usually runs. The accommodations are luxurious and include plenty of food options, including an Asado traditionally had. Most stays include a taste of the local experiences, including wine tastings in Mendoza.

Camping in a cabin or camping is a rustic way of experiencing the countryside.

We suggest booking your accommodations in Argentina before your arrival; browse through the options via Booking, Agoda and HostelWorld.

Which foods to Eat and Drink in Argentina

Argentina is famous as the home of steak barbecue, also known as ‘Asado’, and is the country’s main dish. However, in addition to Argentine barbecue, there are numerous other dishes. The cuisine is influenced by European, Spanish, Italian and French influences, with particular emphasis on meat. Food on the street is especially lively.

A few of the most unusual Argentine drinks, food and snack items that you can sample include:

Empanadas (meat, cheese turnovers)

Alfajor (two cookies that have dulce filling)

Choripan (chorizo and bread)

Morcilla (meat or blood sausage)

Bife de chorizo (sirloin)

Asado or parrillada (Argentine barbecue)

Chimichurri (green salsa composed of parsley, oregano and garlic onion, chilli flakes, lemon juice and olive oil)

Provoleta (grilled provolone with chimichurri or olive oil)

Dulce de leche

Yerba mate (Herbal, caffeine-infused drink)

Carbonado (Savoury stew that includes meat, potatoes, corn, peppers, carrots, bacon, and fruit toppings)


Argentina is a vast country with various landscapes and incredible things to do and see. The stunning Andes with their bleak and beautiful Patagonian Lakes and the lush prairies in the Pampas as well as Cuyo’s deserts Cuyo and the spectacular Iguazu Falls and Ushuaia – the most southern city in the world, and the final frontier before Antarctica is sure to make any visitor want to go to Argentina.

The Iguazu Falls are located in the northeast part of the country. It is near the border that is shared by Brazil as well as Paraguay. The region is a UNESCO World Heritage site listed. In all likelihood, the falls are among the most beautiful natural wonders in the world.

Another location of particular importance includes an area of great interest, Perito Moreno Glacier, about 80 kilometres from El Calafate. The incredible view of this glacier from only feet away and the continuous cracking sound of the ice falling off the glacier’s cliff is a fantastic sight to behold. The viewing platforms and trails make this natural wonder accessible.

Visit the ranch to look out over the beauty and peace of the Pampas will allow you to unwind amid the natural world.

Patagonian wildlife is distinct and different. The clean air allows you to see the night sky with stars you’ve never seen.

Travelling to Argentina will be an adventure that will last a lifetime, offering an array of unforgettable travel experiences that you can only get in Argentina.

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