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Things to Do to do in Mendoza: Argentina Travel Advice

The entry point for an unforgettable Argentine vineyard experience.

Mendoza is regarded as the capital of wine in Argentina. However, aside from tasting wine, There are plenty of exciting activities in Mendoza.

Many Mendoza excursions include trekking, horseback riding, and whitewater rafting through the desert and in the Aconcagua mountains. Mountain cabins that offer stunning views are available within the cities.

The city provides a fashionable and cosmopolitan experience and offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

Things to Do to do in Mendoza

Plaza Espana

Perhaps the most stunning area in the city, the square represents the unique relationship the town (and the rest of Hispanic America) has with Spain. The court is decorated in an exquisite style by incorporating traditional Andalusian and Spanish designs all over the square. The central wall displays pictures and text from Spanish colonization. It is decorated with a beautiful statue.

Termas de Cacheuta (Spas of Cacheuta)

Cacheuta, located approximately an hour from Mendoza, is home to a vast network of natural hot tubs.

To make it easy to travel, ask about Cacheuta at the Bus Terminal; busses depart Mendoza in the early morning (before the noon hour) and return later in the night (the last bus leaves Cacheuta at 6:50 pm). The cost is $4 for each trip. It is highly recommended to purchase both directions before departing. If you’re planning to go for a whole day, consider having some food prepared on the large and free grills.

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America’s highest mountain Aconcagua (the highest anywhere outside the Himalayas), offers climbing and trekking opportunities.

Wine tour in Mendoza, Argentina

Wine tour in Mendoza, Argentina
Wine tour in Mendoza, Argentina

Of course, you must list things you can do on a Mendoza list with a wine-tasting tour.

The nearby vineyards can allow you to sample wine if you are interested. You can do an excursion on a bicycle or foot. However, there are fully organized tours that depart out of Mendoza.

The most sought-after location for bike riding and wines is Maipu, a quick taxi ride or bus ride from the city of Mendoza. A lot of companies hire bikes and offer an outline of the route. Make sure you pick your bike rental company with care. There’s no worse way to ruin your day than fighting with a terrible bike.

Several beautiful wineries along the route, such as Tempus Alba, Vina El Cerno Familia Di Tommaso and Carinae.

Be careful of your belongings during wine tours because there has been recent theft of bags from bike baskets. Numerous bodegas (wineries) offer tours.

Wine-tasting events are widespread. Look up the section on culture in local newspapers or inquire with friends. The best time to visit is during the harvest, between March and April. The wineries are usually booked in advance. They are made in advance (Many are closed on weekends). Some major wineries (Norton, Rutini etc.) offer regularly scheduled “walk-in tours”.


Things to Do to do in Mendoza
Things to Do to do in Mendoza

Paragliding is available in Mendoza all day the year. Tours include tandem flights lasting about 20 minutes with an expert pilot.


Skiing is top-rated during the wintertime.

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Parque San Martin

The vast park is excellent for biking or walking around. At Cerro de la Gloria, there is a beautiful view of the city. Also, there is a Zoo that houses animals kept in small cages.

Festivities in Mendoza

Festivals happen frequently and are typically free. Each has a distinct theme, and they usually feature a stage with music and dancing and booths selling food and drinks around an area. The harvest festival held at the beginning of February is a significant celebration.

Plaza Independencia – downtown Mendoza

The central square of Mendoza is the perfect location to start exploring downtown of Mendoza. It has some lovely structures, restaurants, and even street performances. It is best seen at night so that you will see beautifully lit buildings and, most importantly, an impressive coat of arms for the city made of lights.

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