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Best 10 Things to Do in New York With Family and Kids

New York is so much more than just the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and other famous Manhattan tourist attractions. If you’re planning a trip to New York with kids, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of things to explore!

New York City comprises five Boroughs: The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan. Outside of New York City, you’ll be able to find Long Island, Rockland County, Orange County, and Westchester County, all within one hour’s drive.

If you’ve been to New York but only stayed within Manhattan and the surrounding areas, you’re doing your family and you wrong by not enjoying an entire New York experience. Take trains, buses or even a car and travel a bit further. Your children will talk about some stunning New York destinations for many years.

10 Things you can do while activities to enjoy in New York with Kids

Here’s how you can make the most enjoyment from your trip to NYC with your kids, from nature to museums or adventure parks.

The Adventure Park, Long Island, NY

The Adventure Park, Long Island, NY
The Adventure Park, Long Island, NY

We invite all lovers of ropes courses and all ropes course enthusiasts to The Adventure Park in Long Island. This is the perfect opportunity if you’ve been seeking something to do with your children and have fun in New York. What is what makes The Adventure Park different from other ropes courses is the fact that the courses are treetop-based courses that are aerial.

If you’re a beginner or experienced, there’s a trail for you. There are five different levels of difficulty, all coloured. The trails comprising 14 and 49 zip lines make The Adventure Park an excellent day-long adventure. Kids under seven years old, who aren’t old enough to be able to hike the trails, can play in The Adventure Playground.

This list contains activities to do with your kids. When visiting New York, you may not be able to visit any of the most popular tourist spots in Manhattan. But you’ll have been able to experience New York in a way that many tourists don’t, and you will be making plans for your next trip to New York to do some of the things you’ve never thought of doing. For more travel tips for families and suggestions

Bronx Zoo, Bronx, NY

Bronx Zoo, Bronx, NY
Bronx Zoo, Bronx, NY

The Bronx Zoo, home to more than 700 species of animals, is among the most prominent zoos in the United States. With more than 265 acres of space to explore, wear your most comfortable shoes for walking. Alongside the standard animals, there’s an animal park for children, an animal petting zoo, an outdoor playground, and various fun activities.

Following the children’s Zoo, you can explore the butterfly garden or go to one of the Zoo’s most well-known activities, Jungle World. If you’re looking to relax your feet, take the open-air monorail to observe the animals move around. If you’re looking for an alternative Zoo experience, bring your children to ride on the carousel, go on an adventure in the woods or take part in the ropes training course with Treetop Adventure.

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New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn, NY

New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn, NY
New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn, NY

Do you have a child who is fascinated by trains? Are the stories of New York City and the subway system intrigue you? If yes, head to Brooklyn to visit the New York Transit Museum.

What makes this museum unique is the fact that it’s in a former subway station in 1936. The museum is accessible via the original subway station’s entrance. Bring the ticket to an attendant at the ticket booth. Then, go through the turnstiles that were once in use.

On the museum’s main floor, visitors can take a seat on an older NYC bus, look at old-fashioned signs, and discover ways the fare system has evolved throughout the decades. However, downstairs is where the fun begins! At the bottom of the building, visitors could take a ride on subway cars 1907. The museum isn’t huge, but the value of the experience is well worth it.

Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY
Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

If you visited New York City but did not go to Coney Island, you’d leave out a crucial part of New York City’s past, not to add much enjoyment. Take the D, F, N, and Q trains heading towards Brooklyn and get them to the final station. Coney Island Boardwalk Coney Island Boardwalk attractions and the beach are just five minutes from the station.

Go on a trip in Dino’s Wonder Wheel, Coney Island’s Ferris wheel, built in 1920. It has since become an iconic New York City landmark. After that, you can visit Luna Park, an amusement park that offers new rides and games. Within Luna Park, you’ll find The Cyclone, Coney Island’s iconic wooden rollercoaster built in 1926.

If you’re hungry, you can visit Nathan’s Famous, home of the hot dog eating competition. The restaurant and its hot dogs are from 1916. If you’re not a big fan of hot dogs, there are many alternatives to eat at Coney Island. Just a short distance from the well-known Coney Island attractions is the New York Aquarium. Whatever you like, there are plenty of activities to enjoy at Coney Island.

Playland Park, Rye, NY

Playland Park, Rye, NY
Playland Park, Rye, NY

Playland Park has been a well-known family attraction since 1926. It is known primarily as an amusement park. It is right next to the Long Island Sound; Playland Park also features a pool and a beach. If you’re fond of wooden rollercoasters, you can ride the old Dragon Coaster, one of Playland’s original rides.

The amusement park has a kiddie park, with rides for children of earlier ages and some thrilling rides for older children. There are areas for picnicking and boating. It’s only a forty-minute ride within New York City; Playland Park is an excellent summer activity. If you don’t own the luxury of a car, get a 45-minute train ride to Grand Central Station.

New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY

New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY
New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY

If your children love experiments, science and hands-on museums, you should go to The New York Hall of Science. This New York Hall of Science is accessible via public transport. It is possible to take the seven train and go to its 111th Street subway station, and it’s just a short walk from there.

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In the New York Hall of Science, There are activities for children of all age groups. Kids of all ages can design items in the lab for design. For kids younger than 6, you’ll find Preschool Place, a space filled with multi-sensory play activities for kids less than six years old. In addition to the exhibits and activities, there’s an additional 3D Theater, mini-golf, and a science play area.

The Hall of Science is in the perfect spot for a long day of fun for the whole family. After spending a few hours in the museum, you can stroll through the Flushing Meadows Corona Park. The park is where there are other attractions, including Queens Zoo. Queens Zoo.

Bear Mountain State Park, Tompkins Cove, NY

Bear Mountain State Park, Tompkins Cove, NY
Bear Mountain State Park, Tompkins Cove, NY

If nature exploration and hiking are more to your liking for the family, you should rent a vehicle and drive towards Bear Mountain State Park, approximately an hour to the north of NYC. If you love to take a picnic, there are many picnic areas throughout the park. Or you can relax in the vast grass area. The grass area can also serve as a playing field for leisure sports such as football and American football.

If you’re a fisherman, There is a stunning vast lake that is accessible for river fishing. You can also hire a canoe that you can take to the lake. There are trails for hikers of all levels of experience and pathways that run along the lake to walk and bike. If you’re in town during summer, visit the pool, The Trailside Museum, and Zoo.

Are you planning a winter getaway? Go ice skating or skiing. Take a bike ride, hike or drive up to the summit of Bear Mountain to experience breathtaking views of the Hudson Valley. In autumn, you’ll be able to take in breathtaking views of the fall leaves. Do you only want to leave after one day? Book an apartment in Bear Mountain Inn. Bear Mountain Inn.

Palisades Center, West Nyack, NY

Palisades Center, West Nyack, NY
Palisades Center, West Nyack, NY

The Palisades Center is a massive mall with four levels located 30 minutes north of New York City. It is home to a wide array of eateries and attractions which will keep your children entertained for many hours. Within The Palisades Center, you’ll discover the world’s highest indoor ropes course, which extends across all four mall levels.

If you’re travelling with your toddler, There’s a miniature practice rope course available for toddlers too. In the area of the mall on the lower floor, there’s Billy Beez. Billy Beez offers an indoor playground with some of the steepest, longest, and most terrifying slides your kids may have been on.

If you’re a child in the making, you’ll surely be pleased to be aware that Billy Beez encourages parents to participate in the fun. If your child is inclined to drive, there are bumper cars and a speedway. If games in arcades are your child’s thing, There’s an arcade called Dave & Buster’s arcade. You can add an IMAX cinema, a bowling alley, and an ice-skating rink, and your child won’t be able to get out of the mall.

Legoland Theme Park and Resort, Goshen, NY

Legoland Theme Park and Resort, Goshen, NY
Legoland Theme Park and Resort, Goshen, NY

Did you know that New York has a theme park? The park opened its gates this summer. Legoland Theme Park and Resort is a fantastic new addition to New York. If you’re within New York City and prefer public transport, you can take the Coach bus at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan.

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Legoland is the ideal addition to the New York adventure if you’re travelling with children younger than 13. They don’t need to worry about their height to enjoy this theme park, as most rides do not require a minimum height and those with minimum heights of 36 inches, with some exceptions.

The theme park is geared toward toddlers. Parents will enjoy playing with their children. Spend the day there or spend the night in The Legoland Hotel. Are you visiting during the summer? Make sure you have a bathing suit! Legoland New York has several water rides that cool you off during a scorching summer day.

Splish Splash, Long Island, NY

Splish Splash, Long Island, NY
Splish Splash, Long Island, NY

There is no way to have a plan of activities with your kids in New York and not include the waterpark. Splish Splash is 60 miles east of New York City and is one of the top waterparks in the New York City area. It features 20 water slides and attractions. Relax and cool down in the lazy stream or take a spin in one of the two waves pools.

If your kids are daredevils and like adrenaline, they will not be dissatisfied. There are a variety of thrilling rides available. If your children are hungry after hours of non-stop swimming and splashing, go for Johnny Rockets inside the waterpark for the most delicious shakes and burgers.

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