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The Best 13 Family Travel Tips For A Perfect Vacation

The Best Family Travel Tips : Are you considering traveling with children but need help figuring out where to begin? We have Sharing the Wander to share their top tips for traveling with your family from their last year of full-time traveling. After one year of travel, they’ve learned many things about traveling together as an entire family and the best way to get through the new normal. Are you prepared to go on a trip together with your family?

The Best Family Travel Tips

The Best Family Travel Tips
The Best Family Travel Tips

1. It takes longer to complete everything when traveling With Kids

It takes longer to complete everything when traveling With Kids
It takes longer to complete everything when traveling With Kids

It’s a lot longer when you have kids! An accessible bathroom stop can last for up to 20 minutes. Going through screening at airport security or confirming the documents of four people when you check in takes much longer than if there were only two.

Make sure you have extra time, particularly for airports. Distances between security, toilet breaks, the gate, and even the food you’ll need are often long for tiny legs. We think we’ll be leaving within a reasonable amount of time, but then we rush to get food before our plane.

2. Set the Expectations For Your Kids

Set the Expectations For Your Kids
Set the Expectations For Your Kids

We’ve learned during our trips with our family that children need to know what’s in store and what they can expect. If we can outline to the children what they can expect in the coming days or weeks, they will be able to cope with the bumps that come along.

We also strive to involve our children in decision-making whenever we can, whether it’s what museum we should visit today or the kind of food to consume at dinner.

3. Bring Headphones

Bring Headphones
Bring Headphones

Bring headphones for your kids! If you can, buy headphones that let you disconnect the cord entirely when not connected to the device.

They are not only perfect for watching TV shows on tablets on long journeys. However, they’re also excellent for protecting children’s ears in other scenarios. We’ve used them in live music performances while watching fireworks and on noisy vessels!

We are impressed with the Beats Wireless Headphones that have silence, volume control, and can fold.

4. Be Safe, Family Travel Tips

Be Safe, Family Travel Tips
Be Safe, Family Travel Tips

The first thing we consider when traveling anyplace with our kids is security. What you can do to travel with kids without risk is something we are asked the most often! Most of the time, an ounce of basic sense can go far.

When you travel with kids together, you should research locations (and particular neighborhoods) before you travel to ensure you’re in safe places. Create a plan for the event you do get separated. Kids need to know where they are and learn how to locate an adult in a safe location to seek assistance in the event of need.

We also suggest that all members of the family wear ID bracelets. They can be personalized in any way you want, but we recommend that you include your child’s name, the phone numbers for parents and grandparents, any allergies, and the blood type.

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In this way, in the event of a separation, or even a car accident, kids can identify themselves and have information on how to contact their parents. Remember, most kids still need to memorize their parents’ numbers!

Find out more about how to protect your children when traveling: Your Top Fears A Comprehensive Guide to Safeguarding Your Child while traveling.

5. Find Airplane Seats Assigned

Find Airplane Seats Assigned
Find Airplane Seats Assigned

If booking flights, ensure you reserve your seats as early as possible. Many US airlines cannot seat families when you select the lowest price class. Making a last-minute switch or asking passengers to join you could be stressful. You’ll travel more smoothly when you know you will have seats in the same row before arriving at the airport.

Think about the ideal seating arrangement for your family – for a family of four, we would prefer booking two sets of seats in front of two more. This means the kids have windows, and the adults are in the middle seats. This allows us to move items between each seat and chat with each other without disturbing the other passengers.

In the case of buses, which usually feature rows of two seats, We prefer sitting two people on each side. The majority of buses have high-backed seats. That means when the children are seated right in front of us, we need to be able to observe them transparently. If they’re right just across from us, we can see them and assist them if they need it; however, they can’t play with each other.

6. Find Rooms for the Family Rooms

Find Rooms for the Family Rooms
Find Rooms for the Family Rooms

Many hotels outside of the US offer family rooms with many beds. It is often possible to reserve a room with two beds, a double, or three twin beds. Although our children have shared several double beds while traveling across the US and Canada, we have also discovered that they are more comfortable sleeping with separate beds. In many regions of the world, this is relatively easy to accommodate.

If you have older kids, consider booking rooms that connect two bedrooms in smaller hotels. This frequently happens in cities with older populations in which the structures are smaller and the rooms tightly packed.

We also enjoy booking hotels that offer breakfast. Getting everyone breakfasted reasonably in the morning can help start the day with a good start. If we can make it, we keep bananas or other snacks that are easy to grab in the room so that the kids get something to eat when they awake hungry.

7. Program A Recovery Day

Program A Recovery Day
Program A Recovery Day

When changing time zones, plan a rest day following your arrival. It could take your kids all day for each shift hour to get used to the new time zone.

If you plan a slower day once you’ve arrived at your destination, everyone will be able to settle down to a certain degree, and the children won’t be as cranky while you visit a tourist attraction; that is a big draw. Keep the more significant events to the time that everyone is feeling better.

We also attempt to schedule the essential trips in the middle of our travels. Therefore, if there are some things we want to explore in a new area, then we prepare them for day two. If somebody gets sick or you discover that the location is closed, you’ll have the chance to change your plans. Rescheduling is only possible on the last day of your vacation.

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8. Kids Need Exercise

Kids Need Exercise
Kids Need Exercise

Incorporate playtime and exercise into your daytime routine. Your children must get their wiggles flowing! After a quiet wander through museums, we attempt to locate playgrounds where kids can run, jump, and shout.

Also, when people absorb a lot of new information mentally, they require time to move to aid in processing all the further details in their environment.

On a road trip in the US, we always look for an area with benches for picnics to eat lunch. Adults can relax in the sun, and the children can play after having to take a bite before heading back to the car.

No matter where we go, we can find playgrounds ideal places to connect with children, even if it’s only to play for a couple of minutes. For older kids, plan time for an obstacle track or zip line so they can experience the same physical exercise.

We also observe that children require time for themselves for some kids. It’s time to read in silence, while for others, it’s time to play games with the objects, feathers, seeds, or other items they’ve accumulated during the week.

9. Indulge In Treats

Indulge In Treats
Indulge In Treats

One of the most enjoyable aspects of traveling is trying new and exciting flavors and treats and flavors. We indulge in snacks more often when traveling than we do at home. This could be as simple as going to an upscale grocery store to seek out some new foods to sample or going for gelato or ice cream and trying out flavors we don’t have at home. You can also create a game of trying out new fruits!

Sometimes it’s because we select items we don’t enjoy (like the ketchup-flavored potato chips sold in Mexico). However, frequently we find new favorite foods. The kids were enthralled by the fruit Lucuma in Peru and tried every food they could come across before leaving!

10. Take Public Transportation

Take public transport! It’s less expensive than taxis and is often the most loved part of the morning. Kids love riding metros and buses in the newest cities. The journey is just as enjoyable as the destination!

The more varied the transport is, the better to look for cable cars, trolleys, buses, metros, or vessels. As we learned about our journey along Oregon and the Santa Fe trails, we were thrilled to take a ride in a vintage stagecoach and an authentic covered wagon!

11. Just Go! Family Travel Tips

Just Go! Family Travel Tips
Just Go! Family Travel Tips

Many parents are concerned about whether their children will remember their trips when they’re young. It doesn’t matter whether they will remember every city and every location you’ve visited- the act of travel can change them and alter how they view the world. You’re giving them an expansive view of the world and exposure to various cultures and people.

There are always better moments to travel with kids. There will always be reasons to delay until an older age or in a different setting. The world is rapidly changing, and we are still looking for another opportunity. Therefore, go for it. The world is waiting.

12. Especially designed items to pack for travel with Kids

There are a few things that have proved helpful while traveling that will not see on your list of packing lists. Here are some of the unique items we carry around when traveling as a family:

Our Favorite Random Materials for traveling with Kids

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A Plastic Knife. The deli knife inside its plastic case stays in my bag. It’s able to go through security at airports and is excellent for when you have to divide an item like a bagel or a pasty there are four ways to share.

Gel Stain Remover. My kid’s spill often. It’s easier to carry around than liquid stain remover, and it aids in preventing staining until we can clean things.

Sharpeners for knives. Many apartments are equipped with dull knives! We enjoy being capable of sharpening knives while cooking in an apartment that is rented.

13. School is a possibility anywhere

There are a variety of options to manage schooling in the field – some families who travel choose “unschooling” and “world schooling,” where they place the education of their children on an array of interests that are led by children as well as the opportunities that are available in a particular location.

Others opt to homeschool more formally by following guidelines in line with the state’s policies. Remember that different forms have their standards, so make sure you check whether you’re maintaining your residency in the condition or if you will return your kids to public schools after returning from your excursion.

We have opted for a hybrid model. Our children have an online program that they are following, which keeps them involved within a more traditional school setting and aligned with the curriculum provided by the state. This means that most second graders are also learning about the Constitution, and our child is learning the same thing.

We participate in this program for about an hour every week, but the majority of our time is spent in the world of education and learning about the websites and museums surrounding us while we travel. The best place to learn about Harry Truman than in Independence, MO.

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