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Doritos Introduces New Big Dip Energy

Doritos will enter the dip scene by releasing two new flavors: Spicy Nacho and Cool Ranch Jalapeno.

If the dips’ flavor is similar to famous Dorito chips, the Big Dip energy campaign is sure to please the taste buds. The first thing I’d like to do is a double dip.

It is only natural to understand that Big ‘Dip’ Energy has joined forces with singer, actress, and TV actor Keke Palmer, known for her wacky persona.

In the video for the campaign, Palmer shows you just how to serve Big “Dip” Energy to help you perform at a high-level next time your homies are in the past. Doritos are also giving its customers a chance to win an elaborately decorated kit with Doritos-themed specialty items through a showcase of their cooking ideas with the latest dip flavors.

You can participate in the Big “Dip” Energy sweepstakes via Instagram by commenting on the Doritos Dips launch post and the food(s) they believe could benefit from Big Dip Energy. Include the hashtag #BigDipEnergy along with #Sweepstakes. Visit for more details.

There are Doritos dips available at the local store or on the internet through beginning this month.

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