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Disneyland Christmas Guide 2022 : Dates, Ultimate Fun and Enjoy

A Disneyland Christmas vacation can be a great way to create special memories. The Christmas season is filled with fantastic holiday attractions, overlays, parades, and fireworks at Disneyland. Our 2022 Disneyland Christmas guide will take you on tour through all the attractions and events for the holiday season.

What Time Is Christmas at Disneyland 2022?

Disneyland transforms into a holiday wonderland on November 11, 2022. The celebration continues until January 8, 2023. You can enjoy the holiday season at Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and other on-site resorts.

Disneyland Park Christmas

Haunted Mansion Holiday

Haunted Mansion Holiday
Haunted Mansion Holiday

Our first Disneyland Christmas trip was planned to combine two of my favorite things, The Haunted Mansion (and The Nightmare Before Christmas). The Haunted Mansion was transformed by Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie, and many friends.

The Haunted Mansion Holiday runs from September to the end of January. The Nightmare Before Christmas tells us what could happen if Halloween overtook Christmas. This perfectly celebrates both holidays.

The Haunted Mansion Holiday has many aspects that change for Halloween and Christmas. The Haunted Mansion’s outdoor area, stretching chamber, and the entire ride are beautifully themed, including The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Haunted Mansion Holiday Outdoor Decor

Halloween Town takes over the mansion’s decor to start the mashup. The mood is set for the inside by 100 flickering Jack-o-lanterns and dozens of candles. Jack’s coffin sleigh and Halloween-inspired Christmas garland also add to the atmosphere. The main entrance has a countdown clock for Christmas, which is a nod to the movie.

Haunted Mansion Experience Holiday Ride

Haunted Mansion Experience Holiday Ride
Haunted Mansion Experience Holiday Ride

This one is not your typical stretching chamber experience. It has a unique flair. The ordinary portraits are replaced by The Nightmare Before Christmas characters and a new soundtrack. Jack Skellington, a cheerful but frightening holiday greeting, breaks through the stained-glass ceiling above you.

As you exit the stretching chamber, notice the paintings along the walls that feature iconic images from The Nightmare Before Christmas. These portraits will alternate between Halloween and Christmas versions as you move.

Take your “sleigh” to begin your journey through Haunted Mansion Holiday. It’s almost impossible to list all the great details from The Nightmare Before Christmas in Haunted Mansion Holiday. Haunted Mansion holiday is so much fun; I could ride it a hundred times more and still find something new.

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I won’t give you a complete list, but I will share our top Haunted Mansion Holiday memories. Zero is first seen floating down the dark, long hall. This friendly ghost dog is less scary and adorable than the Haunted Mansion.

As each year brings a new, huge, spooky gingerbread house to the top of the dining room table, watch out for ghosts dancing around. You will also find Jack at the cemetery, sharing Christmas greetings and Oogie Boogie making you play roulette after the ride.

Holiday: “It’s a small universe.”

Holiday: "It's a small universe."
Holiday: “It’s a small universe.”

The Haunted Mansion isn’t the only attraction to undergo a significant transformation for the holidays. Disneyland Christmas sees “it’s just a small world” and gets completely new decorations.

Each country decorates its holiday season with appropriate holiday decorations and attire. The ride is enhanced by twinkling lights that hang from the skies. The holiday version of “It’s a Small World” is given a Christmas twist thanks to a combination of Christmas music and the usual soundtrack.

As if the incredible holiday changes in the “it’s just a small world” Holiday was not enough, the entire attraction’s exterior is covered with approximately 50,000 Christmas lights.

You can take a stroll back to the Holiday facade at night if you ride during the day. These colorful lights are even more stunning in person than any photograph I could take.

A Christmas Fantasy Parade

A Christmas Fantasy Parade
A Christmas Fantasy Parade

A Christmas Fantasy is Disneyland’s most famous parade. The Christmas Fantasy Parade features Disney’s favorite characters in festive attire, riding on adorable floats that are seasonally themed.

Large decorated Christmas trees navigate the parade route between the elaborate holiday character floats. Guests are also treated to fantastic skating and dancing skills by entertainers.

Santa Claus concludes A Christmas Fantasy Parade by sending cheerful Christmas greetings along the parade route. It is so much fun; the parade goes by quickly. This is not surprising, considering that it lasts only 30 minutes.

Sleeping Beauty Castle and Main Street Christmas Decorations

Sleeping Beauty Castle and Main Street Christmas Decorations
Sleeping Beauty Castle and Main Street Christmas Decorations

The Winter Castle decorations of Sleeping Beauty are stunning and can be enjoyed day or night. Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle is a beautiful sight during the day, with its large wreath, ornate garland, and snow-capped towers.

The castle is as beautiful in the daytime as at night when hundreds of lights and illuminated Icicles bathe it in a tranquil glow.

The extravagantly decorated Christmas tree, which stands 60 feet (18 meters) high, can be found at the opposite end of Main Street. The street is lit up with lights and garlands.

Every shop and tree on Main Street is covered with soft white lights. It is breathtaking to walk down Main Street at night, with the castle at one end and the unique tree at the other.

Holiday Magic Fireworks Spectacular: “Believe…In Holiday Magic.”

Holiday Magic Fireworks Spectacular: "Believe...In Holiday Magic."
Holiday Magic Fireworks Spectacular: “Believe…In Holiday Magic.”

“Believe…In Holiday Magic”, Fireworks Spectacular is a Christmas spectacle that features projections on the Castle of Sleeping Beauty and Main Street.

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Two hours before “Believe…In Holiday Magic”, we saw people securing seats in front of the castle. This is much earlier than other shows at Disney World.

You can enjoy the projections on Main Street buildings rather than the castle if you choose a spot nearer to fireworks time. You can then enjoy other Disneyland Christmas activities rather than waiting.

Pro tip: Always ensure a clear view of the castle’s left side. The majority of fireworks are on this side.

My favorite part of “Belief…In Holiday Magic Fireworks Spectacular? It is the final segment when the snow starts falling over Main Street. Also, a small area surrounding Sleeping Beauty Castle.

It makes for a great atmosphere and smells just like gingerbread. It’s no surprise that I prefer Disneyland snow to the snow at home.

Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Christmas Castle Lighting

Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Christmas Castle Lighting
Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Christmas Castle Lighting

Wintertime Enchantment at Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle usually takes place twice a night during the holiday season. The show transforms the castle into a sparkling jewel with music and minor projections.

While it was a good show, I regret spending so much time trying to secure a spot. You should not miss the other fabulous Christmas activities, but make sure you stop by if possible.

Meet Santa Claus in Disneyland Park

Stop by Critter Country if you want to see Santa Claus again after a quick visit to Kris Kringle.

Disney California Adventure Holidays

Disney!Viva Navidad! Street Party

Disney!Viva Navidad! Street Party
Disney!Viva Navidad! Street Party

Unique to Disney California Adventure, Disney!Viva Navidad! Street Party is a fantastic celebration during the Disneyland Christmas season. This joyous show celebrates Christmas with mariachi, samba, Folklorico, and many of your favorite Disney characters.

When you visit Disneyland at Christmas, don’t miss the lively street party at Disney California Adventure at Paradise Gardens Park.

Disney Festival of Holidays

Disney Festival of Holidays
Disney Festival of Holidays

Disney Festival of Holidays celebrates the diversity of the holiday season. Disney Festival of Holidays will bring you something unique for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Diwali.

These holiday traditions are celebrated with live music, dancers, and Disney friends. Festival Foods Marketplace booths will be available for exceptional holiday food from all over the globe.

Santa’s Christmas Visit at Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

Santa Claus returns to Disney California Adventure in 2022 for a traditional meet-and-greet. Before you tell Santa what Christmas is all about, burn off energy by participating in several holiday-themed activities on the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.

Christmas in Cars Land

Christmas in Cars Land
Christmas in Cars Land

Radiator Springs residents go all out to celebrate Christmas in Cars Land. The transformation starts outside of Cars Land, with the addition of Snowy the Snow Car at the iconic Cars Land sign.

The Route 66 Cars-themed garland runs along the route, with each shop decorated in its holiday style. Pay attention to every detail in the Cars Land Christmas decorations. Whitewall tire wreaths, filter garlands, and wrench snowflakes are all available.

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Luigi’s Joy to The Whirl

Luigi sings a Christmas song. Enjoy the classic version of Luigi’s Joy To The Whirl in a car.

Mater’s Jingle jamboree

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree is not to be missed. It now features holiday jokes and new music, Mater’s Jingle Jamboree.

Season of Light – World of Color

This version of World of Color features seasonal music and holiday lighting. World of Color – Season of Light offers a virtual queue that guests can join every day at noon.

Disney’s Grand Californian

Disney's Grand Californian
Disney’s Grand Californian

A detailed gingerbread house and a Christmas tree add to the rustic charm of Disney’s Grand Californian. These seasonal decorations can be found in the lobby of this iconic hotel.

You can take your time and walk around the Disney Grand Californian gingerbread houses. This unique decor is a beautiful experience thanks to its stunning design and hidden Mickeys.

Final Thoughts about A Disneyland Christmas

Final Thoughts about A Disneyland Christmas
Final Thoughts about A Disneyland Christmas

The unique Disneyland Christmas decorations and entertainment keep us returning year after year. Unlike Disney World Christmas, many Disneyland Christmas attractions are open to daytime park visitors.

This Disneyland Christmas Guide will inspire you to discover the best activities for your family and make unforgettable Disneyland vacation memories.

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