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Best Camping Survival Tips For Adults In The Wilderness

Camping Survival Tips : Going on a camping trip for the first time as an adult can be daunting. Mainly if your notion of hiking is something that brings you back to your hotel in the afternoon so that you can sleep, like me. I don’t nap and watch TV, but the phrase “watching television ” seems different. This…

I was camping with my friends on New Year’s Day. It meant that I was in the wilderness while suffering from an occasional hangover. It seemed like the ideal storm.

I didn’t have the best camping abilities, and neither did I have any camping skills! My only request was to lie in the back of the vehicle rather than in a tent. I had to learn tiny steps. I needed steel to protect myself from possible wild animals. However, I was able to survive and found the majority of it enjoyable despite my poor camping abilities!

If you are a first-timer interested in camping, you can try it for a few hours and begin to ease into the experience. Here are the best camping survival tips I have for fellow adults!

The top camping survival tips for adults

1. Take the Right Food

Camping Survival Tips For Adults
Camping Survival Tips For Adults

I only knew I was planning this journey a few days before, after which New Year’s Eve happened (plus I was in the office). This meant that I ended up needing more time to plan. After an intense moment of trying to pack everything, I realized I could have conducted the same meticulous research anyone else, Virgo would do in a ‘fish out of water situation.

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But, as I had a short amount of time to prepare, I decided to go with the flow approach. This meant I only had gluten-free foods apart from gluten-free bread, and I was not equipped with certain condiments required for camping in the basic sense.

Thankfully, my friends had camped out the previous night and prepared the introductory provisions. However, it is best to pack bread, jam and butter, salt and pepper sandwiches, biscuits and anything else that can be prepared before you depart. Bring along a lighter and marshmallows for your campfire, cutlery, garbage bags and plenty of vodkas or water.

2. Take your comforts with you.

Camping Survival Tips For Adults
Camping Survival Tips For Adults

I took a lot of technology with me, such as:

* Tablet, no matter what hardcore campers might say, has all my ebooks, so I can have something to read before going to bed.

* Selfie stick – excellent for taking group pictures in the wilderness or needing more space.

* Smartphone, tablet and portable speaker. It is beautiful to listen to nature; however, occasionally, Taylor Swift is an excellent alternative. It can also scare the wolves if they have some…

* Air mattress – this is something that I should have brought. It’s simple to set up and can make sleeping in a tent or a van far more comfortable. You do not want to wake up with a stiff back or neck.

* Something that will assist you in relaxing – bring your favourite beverage, such as a bottle of wine or beer, to settle at night.

* Make sure you wear good walking shoes when walking on uneven trails.

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* Wear the right clothes – look at Merino wool clothes!

3. Bring the Needs

Take Aeroguard (insect repellent), sunscreen, a flashlight, and a torch, should you have one at your campsite. It’s also wise to carry the headlamp when you walk back to the toilet/van/tent and toilet roll, though using the long drop toilet can be a tiring experience. I also brought comfortable socks, a light and warm jacket, my swimsuit for being near a stream or creek, and a mug of coffee!

How did I do when I went on my very first camping excursion in adulthood?

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and am excited for the next camping trip of one night. Except for the leeches that are a bit scary, I’ll be better prepared for the next time with my gluten-free meals!

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