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6 Best Places for Hiking and Camping in Europe

It’s a beautiful continent, and we have considered visiting it at some point. In addition to seeing, it is home to numerous places that are worth hiking and camping. Camping in Europe and hiking can transform into the most unforgettable excursion.

You’ll need a backpacking tent, backpacking bags sleeping pads, sleeping bags, hiking boots, and other gear to make your journey to these trains an unforgettable experience. Here’s a complete list of camping gear you’ll need.

So, get your boots and backpacks on, and let’s embark on an adventure and discover the top hiking trails across Europe and the top camping spots in Europe. Be sure to explore some of the most beautiful natural wonders of Eastern Europe.

Tip: The autumn season in Europe is ideal for hiking and camping!

Best Hikes in Europe

1. West Highland Way

West Highland Way
West Highland Way

The towns of Milngavie and Fort William are connected via this 96-mile-long route known as the West Highland Way, the most popular hike in Scotland. This route offers breathtaking scenery you’ll see. It takes 6-8 weeks to walk.

The Costa Brava region Costa Brava got lots to offer to those who love things to do, culture, or excellent food.

2. Valle Santa Maria Camping

Valle Santa Maria Camping
Valle Santa Maria Camping

If you’re looking to go camping on the beautiful white beaches of Italy, Then you must take a look at this location. You can enjoy various activities, like swimming and sunbathing, walking, and more. Enjoying a relaxing evening at the beautiful beaches with your beloved one is a dream for anyone.

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3. GR20 Hiking and Camping in Europe


GR20 is considered to be one of the toughest GR. It covers 112 miles and crosses Corsica across the entire length of Corsica from North to South. The GR20 trek can be completed without using any hiking gear; however, after, you will be rewarded by its breathtaking beauty. It can be completed over 15 days.

4. Tour Du Mont Blanc

Tour Du Mont Blanc
Tour Du Mont Blanc

It is among the most popular treks in Europe. Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the European Union, has splendid valleys that stretch across France, Switzerland, and Italy. The total length of the trail runs 110 miles. It will require eleven days to complete the course. Do you need clarification about what to take on when walking?

5. Son Bou Menorca Camping

Son Bou Menorca Camping
Son Bou Menorca Camping

The location is in Spain. It is a luxury camping area (glamping) with pools, a playground, and tennis courts. It is situated in a pine forest as well as an islet. There is the option of camping in tents or renting cabins. This includes biking, hiking, surfing, water skiing, and more. These are just a few activities, and this area offers plenty more.

6. Forest Days

Forest Days
Forest Days

The campsite has four fully furnished tents elevated over a wooden platform. It is situated in Spain. It is a camping site, and the four tents are separated to provide a quiet space. It’s an incredible experience to see and an ideal spot to go hiking and camping in Europe.

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