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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Your Kitchen

As artificial intelligence becomes more widespread in the culinary industry, naturally, it will change how we make recipes and prepare food. Technology that can learn and think for itself is an excellent opportunity to create a vast culinary revolution.

For instance, when a machine with AI receives an extensive list of ingredients, their uses, and their origins and uses them, it will then implement an algorithm that permits it to develop new recipes. It is even able to come up with entirely new recipes by mixing ingredients in previously unimagined ways.

A blog post by AI Plus Information informs us that, in addition to generating innovative recipes, AI can also account for food restrictions, individual preferences, and health issues. Food items can be designed specifically for your taste and lifestyle.

We’ve featured numerous eateries which have started using robots that AI drives. For instance, the Paris, France-based pizzeria called Pazzi operates completely automated, with no human employees. The restaurant industry is leading toward automation; it’s not surprising that at-home kitchens will soon follow.

Also known as intelligent technology’ AI-enabled kitchens have smart devices that can automate the tasks you need to do. From controlling your kitchen with a voice to monitoring mobile apps, Smart devices reduce the time and effort required and add ease to daily tasks. While dishwashers and smart ovens have begun the discussion, intelligent refrigerators are now becoming the trend in the world of appliances.

Smart refrigerators can determine when an item requires replenishment or is about to expire. They’ve even created a way to assist you in deciding which recipes to make using the ingredients you already have.

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It is making way for future generations of intelligent refrigerators, Samsung’s Food AI, a food service platform that offers unique cooking experiences. It is compatible with Samsung’s Family Hub’s ViewInside camera and equipped with AI-powered recognition of images. Utilizing the camera to look through the contents of your refrigerator, Food AI recommends a well-curated menu of recipes based on your preferences in food and desires as well as the specific needs of the moment.

As per RTS, Americans waste approximately 40 billion tonnes of food each year. This amounts to 219 pounds per person. Smart refrigerators are capable of helping us reduce food waste by making better choices when cooking.

Advancements are being made about cooking at home. Moley Robotics, founded in London, is developing robotic arms to be positioned on top of the stove. It can stir, whisk, and flip more than 5,000 recipes; all you need to provide is the ingredients. The arms were created following the actions that BBC MasterChef Tim Anderson performed.

As AI-driven technology develops, the function of human beings in the kitchen will shift. The days of pondering which dish to prepare, looking over the oven, and cleaning up after the cooking will eventually disappear. It may not be appealing to those who enjoy cooking, but for many, the time that it will free up is the main draw.

However, regardless of which side of the fence you’re on, one thing’s certain, AI is sure to assist us in ways that we’ve never imagined and eagerly anticipate.

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