Where Is My Food

In October 2012, I found a group of like-minded people who are also fired up for God. So I went to Texas hoping to meet them. During that trip, I have experienced a miracle I guess... unless if it is just a coincidence within a coincidence within a coincidence.

Before the trip I did a google map search on the surrounding area. Hoping to see how do I get to the seminary from my hotel, and where can I possibly find food. Much to my surprise, this seminary I was planning to visit, is located in the middle of nowhere! Without much thinking, I trusted in God's providence and I went.

After the first morning of the seminar, it is finally lunch time. I stepped out of the building, and was immediately being surrounded by factories, warehouses, and repair shops... no restaurants. I headed west and walked for about 15 minutes. I went passed all warehouses and factories, and was standing in the middle of nowhere. I was starting to get frustratred.

I then prayed to God saying, "God, I trusted in your providence and I came. Now is the time you prove yourself. Show me some food." In my mind I was thinking, "Perhaps a bowl of noodles and some cold drinks will descent from sky together with chopsticks, a table, and a chair? Or maybe not...HAHAHA (I even thought of where should I dump the bowl and the cup if they DO appear)." I then continued praying to God, saying, "Well, at least drop a bread and a bottle of milk from the sky? Or have an angel appears before me saying 'Behold, I am Gabriel. Here's your bread and your milk!'?" I continued looking at the sky hoping to see the bread and the milk... for about 30 seconds, nothing happened. I got angry and complained to God saying, "Hey! You promised to provide, now where is my food?!"

I am so regret that I complained. Before I even finish complainting, I heard a car horn behind me. I looked back and they pointed me to the little road just ahead. I never knew them, nor have I seen them before. I have absolutely no idea who they are. They stopped the vehicle, and I asked, "What's up?" And to my surprise, they replied, "Hey, we are going lunch, do you wanna join?" Without safety in mind, my only thought was "God sent them. God Sent them." Unbelievably, I said, "Yes, let's go!"

Remember I said I was heading west, and that I heard a car horn from BEHIND me? Obviously the vehicle was heading west as well. But as soon as they picked me, they turned around and head east! I was confused and asked, "I thought you were going that way, why going back?" And the driver replied to me saying, "We are destined to pick you up." They continued to say, "We kinda know we should go east... but some how our GPS teaches us to go west. We were not too sure of ourselves so we decided to follow. Meanwhile, we saw you walking down there alone, so we have decided to invite you to join. After that, the GPS points us back to east again, the only thing we accomplished going west is picking you up. We are planning to have vietnam noodles, is it okay for you?"

Oh my God... I need not to say anything further. During lunch time, I received a bowl of noodles, a cold drink, a pair of chopsticks with table and chair, PLUS air conditioning, a company to spend my time, a ride back to the seminary, and they also paid for my lunch. Now this is what I call a miracle.


16:24 Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name: ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.