Dream Comes True

Miracle is not necessary to be something that defies logic. In my understanding, any amazing work of God can also be considered as miracle. Including amazingly planned out perfect timing. And the sequence of events happened below has greatly strengthen my thought.

My Dream

Early 2014, I learned of a movie called "Frozen". I watched, and got obsessed with it. Being a princess (or a prince in my case) of an inherited kingdom, living in a castle with authority to rule on the throne, possess abundant treasures and precious item, living with the loved ones happily ever after. This looks like a dreamy perfect world to me. Incorporating my knowledge of the Bible, what are the rewards God has prepared for his people? Jesus have said explicitly, that we are no longer servants, but sons (prince) of God; We shall inherent the Kingdom of Heaven; We shall sit on the throne with Jesus; His faithful ones shall rule over X cities; We should lay up treasures in heaven; and we shall live happily for eternity. Oh my, how similar does that sound?

Since then, I have shifted my prayer of hope completely into this direction. Being a prince of God, having a beautiful castle as my heavenly home, be crowned and sit on the throne to rule over my cities, with treasures to spare, and live with my lived ones happily ever after.

An Obstacle From God In Order To Answer My Future Prayer?

On the other hand, near the end of 2014, a friend of mine called and told me that she recently bought me a Christmas gift. She said I will love it, and she is desperate to give it to me. Unfortunately, there was an obstacle between us and we were unable to meet before Christmas time. Not until March 2015, we can finally meet up. I thought I was going to get my present finally, but end up she told me it got lost in her house.

My Worries In The Ministry

It has been over three years since I've started my ministry. It was August 16, 2015. I was walking down a street handing out flyers of the Good News... I came across a building that resembles the look of a castle. Huge brick walls, pointy roof top, clock tower... once again it led me to think of my treasures in heaven.

For the past three and a half years, this hope has been my mental pillar, my ultimate support. No matter if it is hot, cold, rain, or snow, I still go for the gospel. Go for the Kingdom of God. Jesus was so right, "For where your treasures be, there will your heart be also." For the past three years my heart was full of my castle in heaven, and I have tried every possible way I can think of to earn MY Disney World...

Looking back at my "work". I started to worry. After all these years, I am still seeing no result of my ministry... yet to see it with my physical eyes at least. I was worrying that all my hard work was in vain, that I have laid up no treasures in heaven at all... I was scared that everything I have given up, my time and money and many of my possible luxuries, I gave them up for nothing. So I made the following prayer to God:

My (Previous Known By God The Future) Prayer Of Hope

I said, "God, you know how I have carried out my ministries, you definitely saw what I have given up in order to lay up treasures in heaven... given the result here, am I hopeless? I really need an answer. Without a confirmation, soon I am going to collapse. God, am I really getting my own Disney? Am I getting my castle? Am I getting my crown, my throne, and my Kingdom? Please answer me, please give me a sign. Say, if by your grace you have already prepared ALL for me, if I have pleased you and you are willing to grant me my wishes, please let me receive a castle NOW, as a sign. In the form of a model toy maybe? Or a 3D puzzle? Or a picture of a castle? Anything will do but please give me a sign!"

When I make my prayer, I have totally no clue how it can be done. Why in the world would anyone suddenly give me a castle? But I confirm to myself saying, "Who cares?! As long as God wants to answer 'YES', it will be done! Somehow by some mean from someone I will get my castle! And it must happen within a reasonable time frame. Like if I received it maybe a year or two later, that doesn't count! How can it be possible? I don't care! If God wants it done, It will be done somehow!"

Time's Up. Obstacle Removed, Prayer Answered

Two days later, I have a chance to dinner with my above said friend. She told me that she has finally found my Christmas present, and she brought it with her that night. I have absolutely no idea what it could be, and it was still wrapped very-very beautifully.

As soon as I got home, my friend called, and she asked have I opened the present yet. I said no, and she pushes me to open it quick. So I opened it up, and it was a wooden musical box. On top of the base block, there stand a wooden model. And the wooden model, is none other but a castle...


49:4 Then I said, I have laboured in vain, I have spent my strength for nought, and in vain: yet surely my judgment is with the LORD, and my work with my God.