Bible Trivia FAQ

Below is a set of questions I've encountered through out the years in Christianity. These are either asked by others, or questions that comes into my mind while searching the path of truth. After dedicated asking and presistence praying, I have acquired the answers for the below questions.

These are answers that I came up with (or God has shown me) which make senses. As always, I do have blind spots and I could be wrong. Before anyone (or myself) can point out the mistakes, I'll stick with these answers as my best guess.

Answered Questions

  1. Trinity, three Gods, or one God?
  2. Did God harden Pharaoh's heart?
  3. How should a christian face tribulations on Earth?
  4. Does free Will contradict God's all knowing attribute?
  5. Can I use free will for not God's, but my own desires?
  6. Can God ignore logic and do things?

Yet to reveal

  1. Why God reveals Himself to one, but not another?
  2. Grace of God to one = Unfairness to another?
  3. Can you still believe after you saw?
  4. Why my faith is not manifesting the Biblical promised result?
  5. Why God forgives king David always, while kills the others immediately in sin?
  6. To what extents before God considers a temptation as "man unable to bear"?