Atheist Challenge

I do not blame atheists who ask these questions. For most, they are actually valid and logical to ask. But the answers given by "religion", they are either inaccurate, or completely ridiculous!

Through presistence praying and digging, I have found many answers for the atheists. The true Biblical ones. I hope these answers can resolve your confusion and lead you right to the path of Jesus our savior.

Answered Questions

  1. Can God create a rock so heavy He cannot lift it?
  2. Why are there poor people and natural disasters?
  3. Prove that there is a God, with evidences.
  4. God knows man will sin but still plant the tree of knowledge.
  5. Committed all crimes, only believed in Jesus and goes to heaven?

Soon To Be Added

  1. An all loving God sends people to hell just because they do not believe in what they didn't see.
  2. God is not showing himself, but leave you with a mere Bible to find Him.
  3. Some Bible storys just doesn't make sense at all.
  4. Creation version of two men population is scientifically impossible