Way to Heaven

My friends, do you want to know the way to heaven?

A bad penny always comes back. This I do believe.

People always say, "The mill of justice grinds slow but sure." Who is working in this mill?

Or to say, "Man proposes, God disposes." Who decides what to keep and what to dispose?

Or to say, "A good conscience is a soft pillow." Where did our conscience gets it's foundation of justice and righteousness?

From the above, we see a majority of mankind do believe that there is actually a force of justice overseeing this world. The question is, who, or what, possess this mysterious force of justice.

Below I am telling you the truth I've learned in the past few years. If you think it is not illogical, you can try to prove it yourself. But if one simply discard the logic behind and start mocking at it, then let it be his own choice.


May you look into the sky, the flowers, the trees, and the animals. Seeing the beautiful world you are living in, if you dare to say all these were happend by chance, for me it is so hard to believe. Just as a set of puzzle, to say, I randomly pour out the pieces, and if each piece just happens to land on a specific position, a beautiful picture will emerge. If you really want me to believe this, I say, to believe in an intelligent design is much more logical.

One says, "Man proposes, God disposes". If this so-called "God" has the power to create this marvelous world, then when I speak, He must have heard. Therefore we can simply ask, saying, "The one who possess this force of justice, who are you?" But I'll tell you, He has already given me the answer. He is the God of the Bible.

God is a God of holy. He has made a very very beautiful world. He has also created us. He hates any wicked within this world. But man has foul this wonderful world with their wick acts. Therefore He has made a new world. It is a world much better and prettier then this Earth. He hoped that all man would clean themselves from their filth and move into this prettier, better kingdom. And this new world, is what being called "Heaven".

That being the case, how could man then move into Heaven?

A man, no matter how good or how kind he is, shall not have committed no sin in his entire life. A single lie, a single act of greed, a single harm to others, is more then enough to bring a man from holy to filthy. Once being wicked, this man shall not be allow into heaven. As you can imagine, a single drop of poison is enough to spoil the whole bowl of soup.

If so, who can then be allowed into Heaven?

God really really loves us. He does not hope that a single soul being left behind. Therefore He has given us a way. To wash away our evilness, one must bear a great deal of pain, and give a great deal of blood. For the price of sin are blood and death. Furthermore, only clean blood could wash away our sin, just as you can only clean dishes with clean water.

But if all of mankind are sinful, where could He possibly find blood that are clean?

God loves us so much. He rather came down Himself, bear our pain, pour out His own blood, in order to wash away all our sins. Even so, he still would not want a single soul being left behind from the heaven He has created. What else can I say? He has done for us to this extent, can I still disappoint Him and put his hard work in vain? A sidenote, He has taken an Earthly name when He came, and that name is Jesus.


God said to me, "Anyone who believes, and accept Him, love Him, admit Him, not disappoint Him, will surely be clean from their sin."

The above are the truth I've learned. My friends, now that you know what God has done for us, know the pain He bore which we should have borne, how do you feel about this God?

Whoever believed, I am happy. May you continue to learn more about God, and how to appreciate Him greatly.

Whoever still not believes, what I should've said I've said. From now on, your sin of not believing is not of my concern. You may live by your own choice.

Whoever still in doubt, you may try to seek for yourself. Try to ask the one who possess that force of justice, and He will definitely tell you, what I've said, is it the truth, or a lie. I'll leave that to you to find out.

May God bless you all. Amen!