Secret Lookout


Summer 2011. A year and a half after I jumped out of the boundary of the "Christian religion". About a year into searching the path of absolute truth with my spiritual guide given by God Himself (SK from Give Me A Man miracle)


For some unknown reasons, me and SK possess the knowledge of a secret hiding place high above sky. We have decided if apocalyptic disaster is to come, we will go and hide in that place to save ourselves. And moments later, a great flood is coming.

Knowing that the flood is coming, me and SK run as quick as we can trying to get to the elevator that can bring us up to the secret lookout. We run and run and finally reach the elevator. The elevator shoots us up directly to the lookout and the great flood passes below our feet fraction of a second right after we were lifted from the ground. We are now inside the secret place.

The lookout was oval in shape, looks like a dome floating high in the sky. The area was small, only about 400 sqft in size. The floor was covered with green carpet. There were two sofas placed against the wall. One on the left, and one on the right facing each other. A rectangular tea table was placed in the middle with coffees. Directly in front of us was a window that we can look outside and glance on the Earth from above. It was a wide screen widnow that spreads over 60 degrees of the arc of the dome. There were two indoor plants (about the height of a human) placed beside the window. One on the left, one on the right. We know we are safe as long as we stay inside of this dome.

Inside the dome I also saw about five to six other people. One was sitting on the left couch reading, one was looking out through the window, and the others were either wondering around, or sleeping on the couch. I asked one who was sitting, saying, "How did you get here?" And he replied, "Some time ago I discovered this place, and I have decided if something happens down there, I'll come here for shelter." And I said to him saying,"We too! Some time ago we learned about this place and decided if things happen, we will come here for shelter." I looked around the area. In my mind I was thinking, "There are only very few people know about this place. We all here are the lucky few who have discovered this secret lookout and are protected from the disaster happening below."

My thought:

Well, that the dream. At least as far as I can remember. Could this be a message to me about the end days rapture? Who knows?


3:10 Because you have kept my word in quiet strength, I will keep you from the hour of testing which is coming on all the world, to put to the test those who are on earth.