Heaven Hell Express


Some time in year 2014. Due to the lack of results the Bible has promised, and after years of struggles, SK has finally left Christianity totally. I too have started with many questions, wondering if I am walking in the correct path. I was questioning if there really is a God and am I really going to heaven... but by my free will, I choose to stay.


I came across a train station, Reading the two direction signs on a pole. One of the signs was saying "Express to Heaven ->" and the other one just beneath it was saying "Express to Hell ->". Both signs are pointing to the same direction. So I followed the signs and reached the platform.

The platform was subway style. A train was already waiting and ready to be board. Standing besides the opened door was a service guy. I walked close and he said, "Train is this way." I stepped up to him and asked if this train is going to heaven, or to hell. He replied, "It's your choice, you decide." I did not understand what he meant by that, but I still boarded the train. After I was on board, the door closed and the train started to move. I was a sole passenger of the ride.

Soon after it moves, we left the indoor platform and reached outside. The rail was way above ground, The track goes up and down, turns left and right, and the train was actually an open top roller coaster cart. Well... a roller coaster would perfectly and precisely describe the whole thing.

During the ride the roller coaster went up and down, turned left and right, it was actually quite fun. I started enjoying the landscape and scenery around me. But I am still in concern, is this ride bringing me to heaven, or to hell? During the ride, my phone rang.

Through out the year 2013, SK has been trying to talk me down on giving up Christianity. I've been resisting and choosing to stick. Once again, it was SK who called, and unsurprisingly, he was trying to talk me down on giving up Christianity.

In the dream I agrued with SK over the phone. I said to him that I wanted to believe in Christ. I told him that yes I too still haven't seen any Bible promised result being delivered, but it is my own choice to believe. Why wouldn't you just let me? He continues to agrue and I got fed up and simply lift down my phone from my ear. I have chosen and decided to not give up on Christianity. Right at that moment, my surrounding was getting brighter and brighter, and instantly, I know this ride is heading directly to Heaven!

My thought:

I am choosing heaven as my next station. What would you choose?


11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.